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For admissions into the elementary school, we operate a termly intake, beginning the term following your child’s fifth birthday.

The school academic year consists of 3 terms. First term September to December Second term January to March Third term April to July.

Classroom newsletters will explain some of the activities going on in the class, the current curriculum topics, events that will be happening that month, days off, or any other pertinent information that may be of interest to the parents/families are sent home bi-monthly.

The school provides a compulsory nutritious lunch for every child in the school. However, the children are expected to bring in their snacks for the day.

A child celebrating his/her birthday may come to school dressed in home clothes. They may bring along a cake and a moderate party/goodie bag & drinks to share with their classmates. This should be submitted to the child’s teacher along with serviette, plates and a knife for the cake.

We have drivers that ply different routes. Please contact our front desk for enquiries. Thank you!

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